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Cute Princess Seduces Her Stepbrothe...

Her mother recently married another man, and that man happened to be quite a successful businessman. Since she was about to attend college, she didn’t really feel like she wants to live in the dorm, especially when her stepdad could purchase her an apartment near the college she was about to go to.

One day, when her stepdad was watching tv, this hot teen babe decided to have a little talk with him, and as she asked him if he could purchase or rent an apartment near her college building, he swiftly refused. At that point, she realized that she will have to rethink her strategy.

She went to her room, and after doing a little bit of thinking, she realized that her mom is not going to be home for quite a while. Then, since she heard that her stepdad has a fetish for schoolgirls, she decided to search for her old school uniform. After finding it and putting it on, it was a little bit small on her, but that was exactly what she was looking for.

The naughty teen then went back to the living room, and as her stepdad noticed her, she could tell that his look is completely different from before. He was not looking at her like his stepdaughter anymore, instead, he was looking at her like a naughty schoolgirl that he would like to smash with his hard pecker.

However, he did not give that away, but instead, he just asked her what she is up to with that outfit. As his stepdaughter approached him, she leaned next to him and she whispered “I want to you slam me like the slutty schoolgirl that I am” after which she started to massage his cock.

Her stepdad said that what she is doing is quite inappropriate, but he did not stop her actions. That is why the naughty stepdaughter got down on her knees so she can pull down her stepdads pants. As she removed his pants, a completely erect cock appeared right in front of her.

She then said, “I knew you always wanted to shove your cock deep inside of my young pussy, however, before you do that let me suck you off for a little bit”. Once she wrapped her lips around his pecker, the naughty stepdaughter started sucking him off like a real pro.

After a little bit of deepthroating, his pecker was completely drenched in her saliva. His stepdaughter then stripped off her schoolgirl uniform, and she got on top of him in the reverse cowgirl position. She slowly slid down his cock, and as it got completely inside of her, she started to moan loudly due to the pleasure she was experiencing.

When her stepdad stretched her tight snatch enough, he decided to take over control. He lifted her up and put her on the couch where he started slamming her in the missionary position. After pounding her for a long time, he pulled out his big shaft, and after just a couple of strokes, he jizzed all over his stepdaughter’s belly.

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