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I was just finishing cleaning the dishes after a dinner but my nymphomaniac mind, after watching these all VR Porn movies, was wondering what I could do to a man standing behind me. I met this man a few days ago and I didn’t even remember his name. Didn’t care much, it was all about sex anyways.

I took a few steps to stand near him and took his hand, putting it on my ass. Feeling I’ve already wetted my panties, I pulled up the dress and put my ass back on his eyesight for him to continue touching my body.

He ran his hand over my pussy and began to caress me through panties. I was so horny, I wanted him to feel as horny as I was. I turned to him and unbuttoned his pants. I pulled his dick out and stroked him slowly until he was hard enough. I sucked on it for a moment and turned back, taking his cock in slowly.

It felt so right to finally fuck someone. He grabbed my hips so I let him to take control. He fucked me without mercy like I was some Virtual Reality Porn whore, my moans filled my small kitchen, feeling amazing from what he did to me.

I pulled off, ‘because it was the right time for me to take control. I instructed him to lay on the floor and sat on him, taking his prick in me again. I started slowly, teasing him a bit. Twisting my hips and moving painfully slowly made him growl at the torture. He slapped my ass hard and squeezed it firmly. My fingers went to my clit, stroking it, putting me closer to the edge.

It was finally time to stop torturing my cute lover. My moves faster, and so was his breath. I felt the orgasm building up down my spine, few moments later pleasure filled my whole body, making me shiver and clench my thighs. The feeling of me tightening on his cock, my lover jizzed in me seconds after my own climax.

He was a nice joy. We even might meet again.

Added on: 2017-12-05 16:09:50