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Student Wants Blackmails His Profess...

One day, while this student was a bit late to turn in his project before he entered the classroom, he saw his professor making out with another professor from the school. He knew that the school strictly forbids that type of behavior from the professors, and if the board would find out that he was gay, they would probably fire him. He waited around the corner before the classroom until the other professor was gone so he can go in and have a little fun with the professor.

After he saw the other professor leave, the student went inside of the classroom and as he was giving him the project, he said that he saw what just happens and that he will try to keep it a secret if he could get something in return. At first, his professor was completely outraged. “How dare you blackmail me, I could get you expelled from this school in an instant if I wanted to” he yelled at him, however, the student replied to him “But, I could get you fired before that happens if I tell the school board about what just happened with the other professor”.

“Fine, what do you want from me,” the professor asks him, and then, the student told him that he wants to have a little bit of similar action as well. “First, I want you to be my little bitch, and after a little while, I want to you unleash your anger and punish me by fucking my tight cock hungry asshole“.

The professor was quite surprised by his request, however, now instead of being angry, he was quite pleased because he didn’ fuck a guy in his twenties for quite a while. He started to make out with him, and while doing so he was unbuttoning the student’s shirt. Then, the student started pushing him down on his knees, and as his professor was kneeling, he unzipped the student’s pants and start sucking him off. He kept sucking on his cock for quite a while, first, he only played with the tip, and then he deepthroated him like a real pro which was not a surprise since he probably had years of experience. It didn’t take the student too long to cum because his professor was really good at sucking dick, however, once he came, it was his turn to be the bitch.

The student then mercilessly got bent over on the table, and as the professor dropped his pants, his boner was already completely erect. He didn’t hesitate at all when it came to sticking it in, and as he did, the student began to moan loudly.

Because the professor didn’t want anyone to hear them, he grabbed his head and pulled it towards him so he can kiss him while plowing him in the doggy position. After quite a while of hardcore slamming in the doggy position, the professor made the student get down on his knees and finish him with a blowjob.

Added on: 2017-09-06 08:48:10